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ONCE upon a time, two grey haired  (or what's left of it) but fundamentally decent blokes came up with the totally bananas idea of starting their own publishing house. Nowadays, when every publisher boasts that it's inclusive and diverse, they noticed there's one group of people who are invariably left out -- the much-maligned WHOM* writers. In order to make the world a fairer place we aim to publish some of them, as we do other writers who are considered politically incorrect or have fallen foul of cancel culture. But we are not zealots (heaven forbid!). We aim to publish books by less provocative writers too, whether dead or alive and regardless of race, status, age, sex, or, yes, point of view. Books with a Scottish flavour will be of particular interest to one of us, who lives in the Highlands, but really our interests are broad and our only criterion is that the books be out of the ordinary. Because we love great books. And our wives love great books. And our friends love great books. And we hope you, too, will support us with your love of great books.
Oh, and can we add that we have some great art, also?

*Find out more in our blog section.


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