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ONCE upon a time, two grey haired  (or what's left of it) but fundamentally decent blokes came up with the totally bananas idea of starting their own publishing house.... But, alas, that was before one of the fundamentally decent blokes had to drop out. This left the other fundamentally decent bloke to plough on regardless. He now has a new partner.  Unfortunately both partners are rubbish at IT and not getting any younger! So to cut a long story short, it's taken a while to get back on track again, which is happening slowly. Nevertheless, Flame Books persists in its quixotic desire to surprise and delight by publishing books that don't necessarily fit a particular niche, and regardless of the writers race, status, age, sex, or, yes, point of view. WHOMs (White Hetereosexual Old Males) for example, and other writers, male or female, of similar ilk who defy political correctness  are very welcome. And books with a Scottish flavour, especially, will be of particular interest, but really the most important criterion is that the books be out of the ordinary. Because Flame Books loves great books. And we hope you, too, will support us with your love of great books.
Oh, and can we add that we hope to have some great art, also?
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