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R P Carruthers is the nom de plume of Rupert Copping (see below). He claims direct  descent from Robert the Bruce. He is a fluent Spanish speaker, which may account for his interest in writing The Tide Also Takes; a historical novel based on the landing of three hundred Spanish troops in Scotland during the Jacobite Rebellion.  


Rupert Copping is a visual artist and writer; a WHOM who refuses to lie down and die. He lives on the Isle of Skye with his wife, where apart from planting garlic and painting abstract pictures, he is one of the publishers and editors at Flame Books.

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GarryGarry Craig Powell was educated at the universities of Cambridge and Durham, and completed an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Arizona. He taught English in Portugal and the UAE, the setting for Stoning the Devil, which was longlisted for the Frank O’ Connor International Short Story Award. Later he taught Creative Writing at an American university. Now he lives in Portugal with his cat.

William O'Connor is an academic, wine expert, and writer living in Japan. He has written several academic books under this name and fiction under the pseudonym of Jack Napes. Although it is not yet in black and white, it is hoped that he will join our list at Flame Books with some amazing  fiction in 2024. Watch this space.  

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Non- Fiction

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Sir George Scott Robertson KCSI  (22 October 1852 – 1 January 1916) was a British soldier, author, and administrator.  He was  best known for his arduous journey to the remote and rugged region of Kafiristan in what is now northeastern Afghanistan and for his command of British Empire forces during the Siege of Chitral. He chronicled his Kafiristan experience in the book The Kafirs of the Hindu Kush. Some have suggested that Robertson's year-long expedition and subsequent book provided background and inspiration for Rudyard Kipling's short story "The Man Who Would Be King". In later life Robertson became an MP for the liberal Party.

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John Dunlop was born in 1915 in Winnipeg, Canada, but was brought up in Edinburgh, where he was educated at George Watson's College. During the Spanish Civil War he joined the Scottish section of the International Brigade where he served as a machine gunner. After being wounded in battle he returned to Scotland and during the Second World War he served in the Scots Guards. After the war he worked for Highland Home Industries. Later he set up and ran his own printing business in Edinburgh. His remarkable account of his time with the International Brigade was voice recorded on eight cds. He died in 2006.

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