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Greetings Gentle Reader,

WHOM, if you haven't twigged by now, stands for White Heterosexual Old Male. Do we hear groans? Surges of steely outrage? Most likely. But fret not; in the world of books and art the days when WHOMs ruled the roost are gone. Those vain, tyrannical, preening cocks have been supplanted by BAMEs and LGBTs. WHOMs, poor blokes, are now outcasts and unless they are famous the publishing and art worlds won't give them a peep.

But enough of acronyms and all the rest. Here at Flame Books we discriminate against no one, unless they happen to be those strange individuals who hate literature and art.

So welcome, whoever and whatever you are. At this particular moment in time we have little to offer, but watch out for our great books (and art) which will start selling from January  2022.  And meanwhile we hope you will enjoy reading our blog, which like everything else here is just stating out but with luck and your support will travel down interesting roads.

With best regards, 

The Editors

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