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Here at Flame Books we wish all our customers, followers, and everyone all over the world a very happy New Year. While it's nonsense to expect the world to change just because it's another year let us at least hope that 2024 will bring a little more peace and a little less hardship to everyone, but in particular those that need it most. Oh, and how about giving our fledgling enterprise a hand by purchasing any of the three great books we have on offer:

The Tide Also Takes by R P Carruthers

Our Parent Who Art in Heaven by Garry Craig Powell

Chitral by Sir George Scott Robertson

As for new titles in the coming months we are hoping to release a previously unpublished autobiographical account by John P Dunlop of his experiences as a member of the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War. Also, with luck, a graphic novel type book from a writer based in Japan. And a reprint, under a new title, of a novel by Rupert Copping. Anyway, to find out more go to our website, and see our authors page.

Finally, it may take a few weeks, if not months, but we will definitely be starting to show the work of several top notch artists on the website.

PS. You are now able to read a free sample chapter of the Tide Also Takes on the website. And a free sample chapter of Garry's novel will be next.

We soldier on!

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