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In 1719 a battalion of Spanish soldiers landed on the west coast of

Scotland. They were all that survived of the Spanish Armada’s last, failed

invasion of Britain.

Thoroughly researched, R P Carruthers has produced a riveting historical

novel that fully captures the harsh and turbulent era when Scottish

Jacobites in alliance with Spain rose against the English Crown.

The Tide Also Takes is a story of adventure, war, intrigue, love and betrayal.

It brings to vivid life the destruction of Eilean Donan Castle, the battle of

Glenshiel, and, at the novel’s very heart, the extraordinary and unexpected

love aff air between a Spanish officer and the wife of a local laird.

Based partly on a Gaelic folk tale as well as historic record, and reflecting

moral dilemmas that are universal as they are timeless, The Tide Also

Takes contains twists and turns that will keep the reader gripped to the

very last page.

Now Available on Amazon. And, if you are on Skye, from the Post Office in Broadford, or the distillery in Sleat, and soon other places, too. Also all good bookshops everywhere if you ask them to get you a copy. Or from our website

On these dark winter days, it's a good read.

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Literature Art & Life

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