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Well, Flame books will finally be publishing this novel on the !5th of August this year. It is by Rupert Copping, who is the founding publisher and one of the editors at Flame Books. This novel was originally titled Before The Dawn and was published by Skylight Press some twelve years ago. It is now being reissued under its new title, The Last Paradise. If you want to find out more about it, please go to and click on the fiction button. A full description is there. I don't want to say much more about the novel here. right now, lest you conclude I'm only a self-publisher blowing my own trumpet. Yes, I self publish my own books. But Flame Books is also publishing other people's books, such as Garry Craig Powell's hilarious and pertinent satire, Our Parent Who Art in Heaven (a must read!), or the the classic military, non fiction account of the siege of Chitral in 1895 by Sir George Scott Robertson. Also at the end of this year,, or early next year, Flame Books will be publishing a first hand, autobiographical account by a member of the International Brigade who fought in the Spanish Civil War. John P C Dunlop died in 2006, but he left behind a voice recording of his experiences on thirteen CDs and these will be published for the first time by Flame Books. So watch this space. And please go our website - the home of great books - and subscribe. Thank you.

PS. Some Art will be appearing on the website too!

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Literature Art & Life

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