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'A Comic Masterpiece' - Publication Day for Our Parent Who Art in Heaven by Garry Craig Powell

The author with Creative Writing students, at a Vortex Magazine meeting

It's been called 'a small masterpiece' (Gary Buslik), 'a comic masterpiece', (Jemima Copping), 'a rollicking satire equal to the wittiest and most sharply-observed of Tom Sharpe and Evelyn Waugh,' (David Joiner), 'a brilliant novel' (Kirsten Koza), 'razor-sharp' (Janet Rogers), 'savagely hilarious' (David James) and 'bray out loud funny' (Deanne Wallace). Dalton Shannon says, 'only those with no sense of humor will walk away fuming.' So is the novel 'the anti-woke campus novel of our times', or an attack on liberal American society?

Why not read it yourself and find out? Order it from your library (university of local) or take the plunge and buy it! Buy an e-book from Our Parent Who Art in Heaven eBook : Powell, Garry , Craig: Kindle Store or the paperback direct from Flame Books:

Shop Fiction | Flame Books

And please leave a comment - review it on Goodreads, Amazon, or wherever. Even if you are a member of the 'wokerati' and you loathe it! We'd love to know why. You might just love the book from beginning to end, like humourist Gary Buslik. I believe humour is under threat, as free speech is under threat from the new authoritarian illiberal left. What do you think?

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