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Literature, Art, Life, and Renegade Robots

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Well, this is the start. Why renegade robots? You, gentle reader, will find out in due course if you follow this newsletter. Meanwhile know that one of our fantastic authors, Garry Craig Powell, will be publishing his fantastic novel with us early next year. I guarantee that once you start reading it you will not stop laughing. And while you laugh it will make you think, too about the excessive emphasis that is placed these days on political correctness. So the novel might well ruffle a few feathers, but then is that not what any novel worth its salt should do? So much that is published these days is bland because no one wants to take a risk. But Garry, thankfully, and with our full support, is taking that risk. And it is a risk that makes for real art and literature and which no genuine should shrink from taking. Ever.

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