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Literature, Art, Life, and Renegade Robots

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

I'll get to the Renegade Robots bit one day, but you might have to wait a wee while since it's going to include pictures; a sort of graphic story about some renegade robots on Mars or somewhere. But meanwhile, here's a question for you, when you die does everything die with you - I mean everything, including the entire cosmos? And if it does, maybe the only existence that actually exists is the one you carry in your consciousness?

And now a true story... The other day a woman comes running up while I'm unloading my car. She's staying in a holiday cottage down the road. She has tears in her eyes and she has one of her fingers wrapped in a blood soaked bandage. She tells me her dog has half bitten her finger off. Alarmed, I ask her if she wants me to drive her to the nearest hospital. No, she replies, she's already phoned someone or other she knows and they are already on their way coming to pick her up, but (and here she looks at me in appeal and half sobs) would I mind very much if she asked me to do her a favour? What favour is that? I ask. While she's gone to the hospital would I mind sitting in the house with her dog? I'm stunned. Just to be sure I ask her if she is wanting me to sit inside the house, alone, with the dog that has just half bitten her finger off? The woman nods. Politely, I tell her that I can't do that, but she could try the lady who lives further up the road. At that point she shrugs and hurries back down to where she came from.

Anyway that's my blog for today. Next post in a couple of weeks. And meanwhile, please feel free to join the Flame Books membership by clicking on the website More button, and posting something on the Forum section, too, if you are so inclined. I'll join in when I can. Thanks. PS. The dog, in case you're wondering, was a crossbreed German shepherd.

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