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Well, it's the New Year. 2022. Halleluiah. Hope all you sane, decent, rational folks are doing just fine and dandy. All the best to you from Flame Books. As for the nutters... what can I say? I'm thinking of starting a Facebook Page titled: All The Bloody Nutters. What do you think? Good idea? Imagine a place where the nutters can all meet up. The likes of Duke Of the Aliens, Hilda the Anti Vaxxer, UFO Spencer, Flat Earth John, Nuke Em Magda, the Icke-ites, Q anonymous, the Everything Is A Conspiracy Mob, the Haters of This and the Haters of That, the PC Police, the Internet Trolls, the Gender Nuts, the Cancellers, the Rampant Nationalists, the Nazi Voters... I don't know... all the nutters in one place, close the door and leave 'em to it. Not that I'm entirely sane myself, I have to admit, although I like to think I'm sane. But that's the problem, you see: all nutters believe they are the sane ones and it's everybody else who is a nutcase.

Moving on, Garry Craig Powell has been getting fabulous reviews of his novel, Our Parent Who Art In Heaven. Flame Books won't actually be publishing Garry's novel until mid April. But in a couple of weeks we'll be sending out Advance Review Copies. Then closer to the publication date we'll do what we can to spread the word to all you potential buyers via a press release and other means. It really is a very very funny book - quite apart from being topical and insightful - and for a measly £9.99, dear readers, you'll be getting a bargain. So please buy it for yourself and your friends when it comes out! Meanwhile here is an example of one of the blurbs the novel has been accumulating:

When I started reading Our Parent Who Art in Heaven, I laughed so loud I scared myself—when I finished it, I realized I'd just read a brilliant book. If I taught English lit, I'd put Powell's satire on my syllabus with writers such as Evelyn Waugh, D.H. Lawrence, and John Fowles. And when they (the woke mob of both plural and singular theys) came for Powell's book with pitchforks and Twitter, screaming for the book to be cancelled, I would fight for it, as it is a great book about this age of unreason.

Kirsten Koza, author of Wake Up and Smell the Shit, etc.

Anyway, this is going to be the year that we start publishing. Our first book, Chitral, comes out on the 15th of February. It's a facsimile of a first hand account by the commanding officer (he received the Victoria Cross) of a siege in the North West Frontier published over a hundred years ago but still highly readable. A good yarn with plenty of action for those interested in adventure. Then there will be other books, altogether six or seven over the year. So it's all go here. With luck and your support Flame Books will survive 2022 and prosper. And if it goes belly up, there will be no regrets, because we're not doing this just for the fun of it, or with only money in mind; we're doing to keep good reading and great books alive.

Once again, dear readers, a happy and prosperous New Year to you all - and even to the nutters if they mean no harm!

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