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Literature, Art, Life and Renegade Robots

Flame books moves along slowly. Garry Craig Powell's release date for his novel, Our Parent Who Art in Heaven, has now been definitely fixed for the 15th of May. And Chitral, a riveting account of a siege in the Northwest Frontier during Victorian times, is scheduled to be released on the 15th of April.

Of course, all this if there are no hiccups and we're all still alive and haven't been nuked by that Russian madman. Christ Almighty, what's wrong with the world? Peace is so much better than war. Live and let live, that's how it should be. But instead we've got total nutters like Trump and Putin, people who don't actually believe in democracy, people who want to live but not let others live.

Anyway, I bought a sketch pad the other day and I'm hoping now to start on my comic strip, Renegade Robots. When I've got enough strips, I'm planning to bring them out in a booklet which Flame books will give away free with every book purchased. Meanwhile, here and there, I'll be giving you a taster on this blog when I've got something to show.

Bye for now and keep cool, look after your own little patch and don't let the bastards get you down.

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