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Literature Art Life and Renegade Robots

Hello there. Sorry for being so late with a blog. I've had things to do and I'm not getting any younger. In my next blog I will have another strip to show you of my pals the Renegade Robots. Meanwhile here below is a photo of a watercolour I did recently. Its title is Track Over The Hills and for the next few days it is available for sale through the Ken Lemond Gallery in Glasgow, and if it isn't gone by then, at the Bridge Art Collective Exhibition in Balmacara at the end of June.

Meanwhile, I am pleased to say, Flame Books has been selling copies of Garry Craig Powell's wonderfully funny and pertinent novel, Our Parent Who Art in Heaven. You really do need to purchase it (Amazon, the Flame Books website, or from any good bookshop) if, instead of watching telly or surfacing the net, you just want to have an enjoyable evening or two reading and laughing yourself silly, which if always good for the soul, and you may find the novel gives you something to think about afterwards, as well.

Chitral, the other book Flame has published is a different sort of read altogether. But if you like history and a good military/adventure story this is a non fiction book I will also recommend. Definitely worth every penny!

And after all the price of these books is not much more than you would spend on a pint or two at a pub these days!

The next books Flame will be publishing are a Scottish historical novel, The Tide Also Takes, and a reprint of a novel previously published under the title of Before The Dawn by Skylight Press. The information for these books and more is available on the Flame Books website:

Anyway, dear folk, enough of me going on. Enjoy what we have of the summer - and yes, keep on reading!

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